moderated Re: Re= Re: [beta] Yahoo Groups transfers on and extended to December 5th

Patty Stokes

I’m ready to make the leap except for this:

When I used the Chrome extension to download my group’s messages last night, only 10k of the 35k were retrievable. This included many of the recent messages.

When I go to Yahoo I can see messages in short form (sender, subject, first line) but when I click to expand I get a blank box. These "blank-box messages”  are the ones that failed to transfer.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Have a fix for it? Clearly it’s (deep breath) a YAHOO ISSUE. Gah.

Does this indicate permanent failure?

Grateful for all counsel,

Patty Stokes, BerlinScholars group

Patricia Stokes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Ohio University

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