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I watched Yahoo degrade over the years. First from Egroups, which worked well until Yahoo got ahold of it, then when Marissa came on board Yahoo and decided to monetize yahoo ygroups, she caused the trolly to leave the track. As an owner of quite a number of groups on a wide range of subjects, I saw the handwriting on the wall. Member management became very difficult. I looked constantly for replacements, and in 2018, chose as my solution. I moved them all at that time, and that did not cost anything back then. But Yahoo has continued to degrade, and when Verizon bought it, I was positive that if it couldn’t make money with it, it would remove the costly parts – thus an email groups service only, which is what Google did with Google groups as well.

Knowing that eventually, there would be a mass migration, I jumped early. We have been using it almost 2 years now, and I must say we are more than satisfied – it is more capable than Yahoo groups ever was, with its stingy file storage, etc.

Sadly, the mass migration is like any other – lots of missteps, too many deadlines, and too many people that waited until the very last minute. Yahoo (Verizon) is the cause of this confusion and difficulty, and the blame should be placed right in their hands. Or, more correctly, Marissa Mayer, who was eventually fired, is the cause of the downturn of Yahoo groups, and it is a bit surprising to me that it has lasted from then to now. So I just advise all to ride through this rough period, get what you can from Yahoo, and move on, happily. I did download a whole group that I’d belonged to for 20 years, as soon as I learned how, and that was  over 1gb of data/files/photos. I have yet to even refer back to it.




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I think some who are rightfully concerned need to step back and take a few deep breaths.


Mark has been doing a superhuman job forced by circumstances entirely beyond his control to move an incredible number of groups at risk.  The additional complication of Yahoo’s off again-on again servers was and remains unpredictable, and costs him transfer time that, like an unfilled airline seat, cannot be recovered.


He has said he will refund any group that has prepaid that he cannot get moved over, and I am confident he will do just that.  In the interim past performance strongly suggests he will continue to move heaven and earth between now and when Yahoo self-destructs.  


Procrastination within groups may not be the fault of group owners, but the effect(s) are what they are.  So long as Mark continues to do all he can do, I fail to see where or how he can be credibly faulted.  If he doesn’t run out of time before he runs out of patient, he should be elevated to saint in my book.  In the end, there WILL be a point at which he says “that’s it, I’m done” (and maybe sleep for a week).







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As a customer of, I expect the company to keep their commitment.  From the emails, I understand the technical difficulties at play here but from a customer relations perspective you can’t do this.  You will need to figure out how to grandfather in folks who tried but were unable to request transfer by the Dec 1st deadline.






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Hi Mark,


I understand your position – but it was yourself that disabled the ability to request a transfer before your 1st December deadline was reached, this preventing me from meeting that deadline for the requests.  I realise that this is driven by issues with Yahoo, and I would accept that this may no be possible to transfer them all, but I would have liked to have been able to add my final group to the list awaiting transfer.




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On Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 9:08 AM Kathleen Michels <michelskm2016@...> wrote:

Hi Mark, we have a few groups paid for and in the process  but  that are apparently in limbo still waiting for transfer. You set today as the original transfer deadline. If they don't make it to the transfer stage  today is that it and we have lost the transfer opportunity or will you still be transferring if yahoogroups finally allows,?



Given my December 1st deadline and Yahoo's continuing unreliability, I can no longer accept new transfer requests. If you have an existing transfer request, I will continue to try to complete the transfer up until the December 14th deadline.





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