moderated Re: Another Yahoo Groups outage

Derek Milliner

On Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 05:38 PM, Ann Kelsey wrote:
What my group really needs are the photos and member list
Ann, try downloading Wilson Logan's Personal Groupware tool ( - you may have seen it mentioned by many people here. It's likely to be subject to the same Yahoo-inflicted problems as Mark & the team are seeing, but you might get lucky. The link may stay stable long enough for you to fetch your membership & photos, which at least leaves you a manual route to recreate your memberships in the event that GIO are unable to transfer your group.

We used it to get a backup of our Y! group ahead of the transfer (happily we got in early on that). Definitely gives you a sense of security, assuming you can get past the Y! nonsense now of course.

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