moderated Re: Another Yahoo Groups outage

Laurence Marks

Duane wrote:
Message numbers will be maintained, and attachments (if any) will be retained.
That's incorrect.  Messages will be uploaded based on date and time, being assigned new numbers by GIO, at a rate of ~50 per hour.  I believe the original message number will be IN the message though.  Attachments may be included, but that's not working at the moment according to Wilson.  (He also mentioned that PGO is seeing glitches at YG and doesn't always get the data.)

Our Yahoo messages start with number 1. There are no messages in our GIO group. The Yahoo messages will be uploaded in sequence. Hence GIO message numbers will be created to match the Yahoo message numbers.

From time to time I had pruned the Yahoo group--there are missing messages. Some were notices for meetings long past. Some were "Me too!" messages. And there were a lot of inadvertent Replies to Group that were intended to be Replies to Sender. The uploader keeps the message numbers in sync by uploading an empty message for each missing message. This should serve to assure that the new message numbers assigned by GIO match the Yahoo message numbers. It's one of the things I'm testing.


Larry Marks

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