moderated Re: Another Yahoo Groups outage

Laurence Marks

Adrian Goenendyk wrote
I updated to premium a few weeks ago but just got around to transferring from Yahoo.  I only need to transfer members and emails.  There are no files, attachments, links, ect.  In addition to wanting to know if you will re-enable transfers, I would also like to know if this is something I can do myself.  If it is, can you please provide some guidance.

If cannot accommodate you, you should be able to do this yourself with two pieces of software from Personal Groupware.

Personal Groupware Offline (PGO4) automatically downloads all the messages (and attachments, files, and photos if you have them.

Personal Groupware Offline to Groups,io (PGO-2-GIO) uploads the files to a group you create in Message numbers will be maintained, and attachments (if any) will be retained.

At this very moment I just checked and downloads from Yahoo are working.

Larry Marks

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