moderated Re: Invitations to Yahoogroups

Roger Colwell

If it helps at all, Simon, I did a test earlier today to invite a new member to one of my old Yahoo groups, then promote that person to moderator. I did this experiment only to see why so many Yahoo group owners are having issues at present; I concede that their services are extremely flaky at present and maybe I was lucky in completing the following:


At first, I tried sending the invite logged into my Yahoo group on my Windows 10 PC; the first snag was I couldn't send the invitation as all I got were errors — I was using username@.... Then I tried the strategy that I used in the past when inviting which is: GIO Transfer <> and this was accepted on first attempt. Which format have you been trying?


Following receipt of the invitation I found it necessary to create a new Yahoo account for username@... which I did on my Mac (in order to stay logged in on my PC). I was able to setup a new account using that non-Yahoo address and then I tried to register with my Yahoo Group. It wouldn't complete using Firefox; it wouldn't complete using Safari! In the end, I tried registering on my PC using Firefox and it worked first attempt!


I hope this may be of use to other struggling owner/admins ...




From: On Behalf Of Simon Hedges
Sent: 26 November 2019 08:00
Subject: [beta] Invitations to Yahoogroups




I’m having problems inviting to my Yahoogroups – I’ve tried repeatedly over several days, but it throws up an error each time.  Are others having issues with this?



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