moderated Re: Want to lock historic message, but allow editing on new messages #suggestion


My first thought would be to ask if it's OK to load the old Yahoo group into a subgroup of the new group, and make that subgroup read only. Then the main group can be used going forward, and if anyone wants to look up what was done in the past, they can visit the subgroup without being able to post there.

If everything has to be in the main group, then the best way to do it would probably be to load all of the Yahoo messages into locked topics. I don't know if that would have any ill effects.


On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 11:31 AM, Mo wrote:

Hi Mark/Community,

I have taken over a yahoogroup spanning 15 years.

I want to draw a virtual dotted line where anything in past is only viewable
as a library/archive, but all new postings are editable by members, but not
the old stuff that came across. Is this possible with current settings?

Also maybe to add hashtags to the old messages for searching purposes but
that's all.


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