moderated Re: Yahoo Group transfer update


On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 9:11 AM Melissa Daston <mdaston@...> wrote:
Appreciate your tremendous efforts to improve the process.  My group went from #80 to done.  I know it's been a big effort and new costs with new servers to host and to process transfers.  

We were able to add 3.4M messages yesterday, besting yesterday's record by 1M messages. We are no longer falling further behind with transfers, and are starting to (slowly) catch up. As of now, we're importing groups that were exported on Oct 26 at 8am.

There is a large variability in the number of messages groups have (the number of messages being the biggest factor for how long it takes to import a group). So if you're watching your spot in the queue, it won't decrease at a steady pace. Some groups have a few hundred messages; the largest group we've imported had over 600k messages. We're currently importing 6 groups at once.

Out of curiosity are you running your own server farm or leasing space to host the groups?  

All the machine instances are leased. I've racked enough machines in my time to know I never want to do that again. It also gives me flexibility to quickly add or remove machines at the touch of a button.


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