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My groups made goodnuse of the easily usable links page at Yahoo Groups.  I would definitely appreciate havingbthe same functionality exactly thevway it was set up at Yahoo 

My work around here for links is to add them to messages with a comment and the Hashtag #Links used in the Topic. But the Yahoo tool is a better. I did not use folders for the links. I did not want to have to.ooen folders to see links.

In some groups on I have a topic entitled Links and it has the Links hashtag so we can add new links to this topic. I do not want to be bothered setting up avdatabase for links. I already have enough to do.

As for all the comments about Yahoo, I have had several groups there and been a member of several more. I never had any problem at all with using Yahoo and have used it for 20 years on numerous devices. It always functioned the way it was supposed to. The only oroblem my group members ever had with itbwas forgetting their password or Yahoo ID.  I could not help them with their passwords but I have emailed several people their Yahoo ID they forgot. Then they could log in.

We are all.mad at Yahoo, but I am only mad because they are wiping our online group content Dec. 14.  And we should have at least through Dec. 31 to save our archives.Many groups do not care about that and are not moving.  But mad as I am,we are not here to trash Yahoo Groups.  It served us well for years!

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Bob Bellizzi <cdfexec@...> wrote:
And just think about using a WIKI page for links.
If they're so important you can make that Wiki Page a Sticky Wiki page at the top of your message page so members ca n easily access the important StickyWiki Page promptly without losing context

Bob Bellizzi 

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