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I agree with Dave. We had a link-collection that wasn´t transformed correctly to GIO because it was designed like a medical textbook with folders and subfolders for every medical issue, corresponding to the structure we had in our files.

Take the example of a main folder for eye disorders, subfolders for glaucoma, cataract and so on... Then in each subfolder you could find links concerning these special issues and their description. By clicking on the description the respective link opended. Same with all the other dozens of medical issues like respiratory diseases, heart, liver, bladder, and, and, and...You just went there and a collection of links of the latest research results were available.

Moving to GIO only the folders werde transferred, the subfolders with their actual content were not transferred, and we had many dozens of them and hundreds of links to sites with fotos and very clear descriptions of the respective diseases. It all got lost. 

 On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 04:29 PM, Gerald Boutin wrote:
Users can then add new "links" with no more effort than than clicking on "Add row" and pasting a link and optionally typing in some descriptive info and clicking on "Save Row".

That´s not what we need and according to my above description it´s far less comfortable. In fact, the yahoo version was a very user friendly application, very easy to handle and very clearly aranged. It´s the one feature I am really missing, for the handling of databases seems much more complicated to me, and folders/subfolders, quickly installed, were such a work simplification.

            In fact, if you have a group migrated from Yahoo, there will already by a links database so all the Owner/Moderator has to do is to allow  
            normal subscribers to add links if desired.

We blocked members from uploading links because this didn´t match our original needs, so that doesn´t change anything.

I understand Dave´s submissions very well, and maybe there is a way to get close to that easy handling of links some day, although I see that at the moment of more important issues all these feature requests have to stand back.


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