moderated Re: Bounce History

Once I would have agreed, but those people whom circumstances have dragged to with their groups are no longer “ordinary users” of necessity.

These people have an obligation to become familiar with the standard terms group administrators must use.  It’s not appropriate for us “Johnny-come-latelys” to barge in and try to redefine standards long agreed and now common reference.  

“When all else fails, read the instructions”!

Just my opinion,



On Nov 4, 2019, at 12:52 PM, Jeremy Nicoll <yahgrp87@...> wrote:

I think it would be helpful if instead of the Account page having a "Recent Bounces" tab, that was renamed "Delivery Errors".   "Bounces" is only meaningful to people who understand the technology.  An ordinary user, suffering delivery problems, even if they look on their account page, won't realise that the Bounces button is relevant.

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