moderated Re: Bounce History

YT9TP - Pedja

I second this request. I have bouncing issues right now and it was really hard to find out what happens.

Whene bouncing occurres both admin and user whose mail bounces has to be informed with proper technical details (copy of bounced message so message and headers may be investigated). That would really help to understand that there is an issue and possibly quickly find out the cause.

I had headache for days trying to find why as mail from stops coming, then bouncing notice on site shows up days later.

I had god position that I administer my mail server so I could search through the logs. i finally found out that is reported as SPAM source by at least one SPAM list. For now I isolated SURBL as one that reports as SPAM. It seems was failry quickly removed from SURBL database but not quickly enough to avoid people get into problems caused by bouncing.

I am yet to find out if there is more such cases besides SURBL.

Apart from obvious issue why is reported as SPAM, problem is that users do not get any warning about bouncing happens except that messages stop coming. It looks like warnings are sent by email (and bounced as well). Notice on site shows few days after messages stop coming. It should show up immediately as recognizes bouncing. and that warning should contain more info, specific technical details about bounced mail so user (or admin) may investigate and handle issue.

If there are more messages involved, history should be available.

It seems this spam filters reporting as SPAM source is not isolated case. I guess administration could open channel where users and admins may report SPAM detection so cases may be investigated and dealt with.

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