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Ant No

On Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 10:12 AM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
This isn't anything like ebay or any other sales platform.

It's not about sales it's about effective ways to manage data. eBay does that because it boosts sales but the principle is the same regardless of your motive. Your completely missing the point by focusing on the sales element.

Many groups are highly specialized and are absolutely none of anyone else's business.
Many groups are highly specialized; diseases, advocacies, and other types.  Again, if you don't exactly fit, they don't wish you nose into what they do.

Most groups are not the freemasons or some other secret society. They are not trying to hide and have nothing to hide. You can't make that assertion for them. Unless you join there's precious little to see other than if you want to join. So no one's nosing into anything. That's just emotional nonsense.

The truth that they would be uninteresting to most people doesn't mean they're trying to hide from everyone else.

More groups want to expand membership than not. As evidenced by the fact they are open to new members  The few that don't are closed to join or invite only.

I wouldn't want to join most groups. But I want to find the ones I do. I have joined one of the specialist disease  groups because I have it. Otherwise I would have just browsed past it. I couldn't have joined it if I hadn't found it by browsing. Again not something I would have searched for. I don't dwell on my disease.

Regarding postal codes; again, some groups cover the world or a single country, one language or over 100.
And, as mentioned pointedly previously, what business is it of your's or anyone else?

I have no idea what your talking about I've never mentioned postal codes. I've mentioned that some groups are strictly local as they're amongst the ones I don't want to see while I'm browsing. Precisely because they're not relevant to me doh!

Anything I want to make my business is my business. That's not for you to dictate. I'll decide what interests me and each group can choose for themselves if they want to have me. That's none of your business because you're not me and you're not those groups.

Are you making these suggestions to enable some kind of information harvesting?

LOL paranoid much? How would that work exactly? The only information worth harvesting would be other people's names and contact details. Nothing I'm suggesting would make that possible.

Wake up to the fact that what I want is exactly what I've stated clearly and repeatedly. A browse function that's practical to use because I can exclude areas I know im not interested in.

I can allready browse all the groups. If there were some imaginary data worth harvesting from what that shows there'd be a script for it.

People love to browse. They do it in all walks of life for many different reasons. It's in our nature to enjoy looking through things for the things we like or want.

Why are you finding that such a difficult concept to grasp or accept?

Seriously, resistance to change is a natural quality in some people but when that change doesn't take anything away from what you allready have why so entrenched? You may not need a particular feature but if someone else does why do you care?


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