moderated Re: Clarifying status of transfer in upload queue


I'm sure it's not possible, but a solution to the bottle neck could be to only install the transfer of all the members for every group in the queue, and then later add the archives, files, photos, etc. This way groups can send new messages via GIO immediately instead of a month down the road. 


On Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 6:35 PM <ercoguru@...> wrote:

This would allow group owners to more timely follow-up as necessary DURING the presently lengthy “waiting for upload” step that has become a significant “bottleneck” (considering some 964 groups already ahead of us in the import queue).  It would better inform group owners, remove unnecessary delay in initiating necessary “follow-up requests”, and remove much of the present frustration arising out of ongoing uncertainty regarding the specific status of any given group’s transfer.

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