moderated Re: Clarifying status of transfer in upload queue

I agree completely with Scott.  I would go even further and ask that the promised “notification of successful download” with details of WHAT was successfully downloaded go out immediately after “completion” of download.  

This would allow group owners to more timely follow-up as necessary DURING the presently lengthy “waiting for upload” step that has become a significant “bottleneck” (considering some 964 groups already ahead of us in the import queue).  It would better inform group owners, remove unnecessary delay in initiating necessary “follow-up requests”, and remove much of the present frustration arising out of ongoing uncertainty regarding the specific status of any given group’s transfer.

Indeed, it would seem any upload “bottleneck” would be independent of Yahoo server capacity; that part of the process having likely been completed for many of said 964 groups.  Perhaps renting/leasing server time (as opposed to buying greater server capacity than is needed for the foreseeable future once the current Yahoo stampede is over) could mitigate the present “bottleneck”?  

Waiting a few days is no big deal.  The possibility of waiting weeks or even months is the elephant in the room no one is addressing.  Such delay could undercut the credibility of many group owners with their subscribers.




On Nov 3, 2019, at 11:46 AM, Scott Chase <Scott.A.Chase@...> wrote:

Hi Mark,
Also, not providing any status results from the Stage 1&2 download, and then only providing the current wording for your Stage 3, seemed a bit vague & uncertain to me -- at least until I started reading support clarifying questions and reassuring replies here. The queue seems to move slow, and I just wanted to make absolutely sure a transfer would complete before the Dec 14th deadline, and that it wasn't dependent on my position in the "queue", which isn't moving very fast at this point.

To help clarify/summarize the current state of the transfer, especially for new customers here, could you please enhance the wording for Stage 3 to something like this?...

Your group has been successfully downloaded from Yahoo and that file is now safely stored on our server. Your group is now awaiting import into There are about N groups ahead of it in the import queue.


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