moderated Re: Need different nomenclature of the transfer queue

Scott Chase

Hi Mark,
Also, not providing any status results from the Stage 1&2 download, and then only providing the current wording for your Stage 3, seemed a bit vague & uncertain to me -- at least until I started reading support clarifying questions and reassuring replies here. The queue seems to move slow, and I just wanted to make absolutely sure a transfer would complete before the Dec 14th deadline, and that it wasn't dependent on my position in the "queue", which isn't moving very fast at this point.

To help clarify/summarize the current state of the transfer, especially for new customers here, could you please enhance the wording for Stage 3 to something like this?...

Your group has been successfully downloaded from Yahoo and that file is now safely stored on our server. Your group is now awaiting import into There are about N groups ahead of it in the import queue.


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