moderated Re: Setting up Stripe for Donations

Hi Mark,

I’ve successfully set up my Stripe account to solicit donations from the present 1,185 Yahoo ercoupe-tech subscribers.  I would like to recoup $200 (or so) of the $220 I advanced (from personal funds) for the year’s up front Premium Membership to get to timely migrate us from Yahoo.

My personal appraisal is that about 50% of above 1,185 (joining since 2007 and now) have since sold their aircraft and/or lost their enthusiasm for the Ercoupe.  Of the remaining 600 (in round numbers), if only one out of three respond with a dollar, I’m there.  

Considering the attention span of many, I’m afraid waiting however long it takes to get our Yahoo subscribers uploaded to before hitting everyone up for a donation will see a lower response the longer I wait.  How could I word an email request to them on Yahoo to urge them to send $ to Stripe now?  A solicitation to the 14 or so that have manually joined (before our Yahoo subscribers have been downloaded and uploaded) would be silly.

I have another group, Ercoupe Flyin, with under 700 Yahoo ercoupe-flyin subscribers.  I’m not in the financial position to “front” that group another $220 to get it transferred.  My “gut feeling is to ask Ercoupe-tech subscribers for $3, and apply everything exceeding the $200 I want reimbursed to the $220 necessary to get Flyin migrated by

I haven’t been able to find out how, as List Owner, to download the Ercoupe Flyin subscriber database, collective photo files (of questionable value, since they are less than 2 MB of very low resolution, or historical messages (CSV/etc.?).  Comments?

Free hosting has been offered free hosting from our type club and from another individual, but there remains the necessity of migrating the Yahoo member information, photos, etc.  Alternately it would appear I could set up Flyin as a subgroup (same problem remaining), reverting to “free” hosting after the move.  Any comments you might offer would be greatly appreciated.




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