moderated Re: accomodate Meetup groups?


Not all groups are localized to one zip code. Not all local groups want their location known.
You can search by state, country and abbreviations, county and town name.  If any of those are included in the description they will come up in results. Zip codes would only be searchable if the group owner puts the zip code in the description on the home page for the group.

Most groups at would not have a zip code or even a specific location.  Some have members from all over the world. My groups have members all over the United States.

If you are looking for a group for your location and interest, for example an archery group in Jacksonville search by town and search by topic.

If there is a group you will find it without needing a zip code.  No way would my groups include our zip codes on s website. We care about privacy of our members.

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