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Ant No

On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 01:32 PM, ro-esp wrote:
How is it a problem if some
dudes have a massive following, and how exactly do you want to solve it?

The problem is that if a few topics generate lots of groups you have to wade through them while browsing. Excluding chosen topics from your browsing list would solve that
How would your system help you find groups you don't even know you want to find?

By letting me browse lists with some large group catagories removed
Do you want lists of groups sorted by how mainstream or fringe they are?If so, how do you measure mainstream-ness?

No. I want obvious existing broad categories that contain a lot of groups to be, well, grouped so that I can include or exclude them as I choose when I browse. I've repeated several times that the only criteria for forming a catagory is that it includes a large number of existing groups. Purely on the numbers.

Everything else can be in an all the rest catagory. I don't feel everything has to have a special catagory, only if there are a large number of groups in a subject.

Ithe feeling I've missed something crucial

I hope I've clarified that for you now.

I think I've demonstrated I'm not adverse to some wading.your personalpreference matters little here. What matters is that prospective members can easily find the groups they want to join.

I was directly responding to your comment there would still be some wading to do. I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who likes to browse. Within reason. 

The fact is a search can never tell you if there is some interesting group you've failed to pull, while browsing can definitively tell you that you've seen all the ones you haven't excluded.

Finding the group you want to join is exactly what I'm trying to improve. You will still have all the search facilites you have now but with the additional option of a manual browse made practical by excluding some large catagories from your browsing list.

It's an additional feature that takes away nothing from the existing system. I've repeated this quite a lot now.

Browsing can reveal what searches miss and what you would never know to search for.

It's pretty basic stuff. There's a reason eBay has catagories as well as a search engine. It works better than a search engine alone. They really really care about what works because that's how they make money. Pretty sure they know what they're doing

Asto the other message: I am not saying false tagging is an ancient game.

It is an ancient game and you mentioned that in reference to yahoo groups and porn scammers.


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