moderated Re: One User Account – Multiple Email Addresses #suggestion

Lars KelloggStedman

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 10:10 AM, beta@... wrote:

It would really be nice if you could have one account but have an email address for each group you are subscribed to...

I'd like to request the same feature, but for a different use case.

I have two email addresses that I use regularly; one for technical lists, and one for family/personal lists. One of the groups I'm on just migrated over to, and I wanted to log in and manage my subscription...only to find that I *can't*, because the email address I'm using on that group is not the one that matches my account.  This means I'm going to need to create a *second* account, which causes all sorts of problems:

- For any given group I'll need to remember which address I'm using
- I can't stay logged into both accounts all the time without setting up multiple browser profiles (or using multiple browsers, etc)

I'm not sure why it's not already possible to register multiple addresses for an account, but if there is some concern over that idea, then at least pursuing a Google-like ability to be logged into multiple accounts would be a decent second option.

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