locked Re: categorisation

Ant No

On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 03:33 PM, ro-esp wrote:
I'm actually trying to get away to my new groups

I belong to other groups I like to spend time reading and responding to.  I only have so much time and this was just a routine feature request.

You would find it by doing a search for a tag that the owner/moderator put in the description

You've missed the point I already mentioned. That would not work because as one of my very many interests it was not something I would have ever thought to search for. I had to find it by browsing. Also it had no tags.

I'm not sure there can be a system that does...without sacrificing your privacy to "artificial intelligence" that is
The one I suggest would have facilitated my search by removing a big chunk of what I was not looking for. A search cannot do it but browsing can.

So you want to go from "not knowing whether a group exists" to "knowing in what catagory it is in?

Not exactly. I want to be able to exclude large catagories from the list so I can browse through the remainder. It may seem a subtle difference but it's an important one.

Let me give an example: suppose you have a group about lesbian cats in Papua New Guinea. Do you want people to find it under "pets" , "LGTBIA+" or "travel-->PNG"?Wouldn't three tags "lesbian" "cats" and "PNG" be far more efficient (as long as nobody abuses the tags)?

Lol that's so niche it doesn't need a catagory. Perhaps pets/animals will have enough groups to deserve a catagory after the moves are over.

Remember I only want catagories for topics that generate large numbers of groups and only so I can exclude them from my browsing list.

Radio and trains for example both have a huge number of groups that I don't want to have to browse through to find ones I do find interesting.

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