moderated Re: accomodate Meetup groups?


Totally fair and valid opinion about the UI.  Usability and functionality improvement opportunities aside, meetup was acquired by the real estate company WeWork (itself a troubled but huge company) only two years ago (2017) for around USD 200 Million.  With WeWork now under new leadership itself, and trying to stem its own bleeding, is on the block but will likely fetch only a small fraction of that previous valuation, if they can sell it at all. The new WeWork leaders, markedly more sober and professional than the former, realized the business model was a challenging one. Hence "not core" as they've announced.

Online group platforms can meet a great many market needs. Deciding whether and how to serve one or more of those markets is best done smartly and measuredly.  Making good decisions on growth bets is key to survival before any thriving.


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