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For what it’s worth, from the business perspective, emulating (or even partnering/collaborating) with meetup is one of a zillion growth avenues could pursue.  

I’d imagine all dependent on however Mark does and will think about the “sustainable business model” objective he has.

Meetup, as a company, has created a real market but hasn’t done as well in commercializing its good idea.  That flip side of the entrepreneurial coin trips up a great many entrepreneurs.  

I do think very good and important, at least for the near term, that’s focus is on strengthening and scaling the current technical foundation to enable the YG transitions and opportunity.  Focus is so key.


On Nov 1, 2019, at 2:13 PM, Jerry Peek <jpeek@...> wrote:

 Thanks, Chris. I'm not familiar enough with to know how many people search for a group to join (vs. hearing about the group some other way). I'm wondering whether could set up a really easy interface, Meetup-style, for people to create a local group and other people to find it -- without needing to know anything about keywords. The group owner creates a group and gives its location by filling in a few boxes: city, state/province/region, country, postal/ZIP code. Someone who wants to find a group fills in a similar few checkboxes -- and gets a list of groups. Maybe there's also a way to categorize the group -- to help people in big cities to quickly narrow their search.

Since Mark isn't working on new features now, I'll try not to post any more now, but I'd guess that other thoughts could be useful. If Meetup looks like it will really shut down, I hope this archived discussion might help set itself up to take Meetup's place. In my two days on, I've been really impressed with all of the features... some of them could make a Meetup-type group even more useful than allows.


On 11/1/2019 10:54 AM, Chris Jones via Groups.Io wrote:
On Fri, Nov 1, 2019 at 03:29 PM, Jerry Peek wrote:
If could do a search that matches "near Beverly Hills" or (easier) "near 90210", it would be much more useful as a replacement for Meetup.
There has been something of a "more heat than light" discussion about FInd a Group elsewhere on beta. You can solve this problem yourself, now!

As well as a description of your group on your Home Page try adding some other keywords; they do not need to be woven into the text, but simply added as a line of "Other Keywords"; their visual impact (which for the purposes of a search is irrelevant) can be minimised by using font size 8.  So if, for example, Beverly HIlls appears in the description "proper" simply include "near" as a keyword.

IMHO the Find or Create a Group function is inadequately described at the moment and I am considering preparing a GMF wiki Guide to help. (FWIW I have been unable to find any help about Find... anywhere.)

Whether I do try to put something together depends in part in how much support for the idea I can garner.


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