moderated Re: accomodate Meetup groups?

Chris Jones

On Fri, Nov 1, 2019 at 03:29 PM, Jerry Peek wrote:
If could do a search that matches "near Beverly Hills" or (easier) "near 90210", it would be much more useful as a replacement for Meetup.
There has been something of a "more heat than light" discussion about FInd a Group elsewhere on beta. You can solve this problem yourself, now!

As well as a description of your group on your Home Page try adding some other keywords; they do not need to be woven into the text, but simply added as a line of "Other Keywords"; their visual impact (which for the purposes of a search is irrelevant) can be minimised by using font size 8.  So if, for example, Beverly HIlls appears in the description "proper" simply include "near" as a keyword.

IMHO the Find or Create a Group function is inadequately described at the moment and I am considering preparing a GMF wiki Guide to help. (FWIW I have been unable to find any help about Find... anywhere.)

Whether I do try to put something together depends in part in how much support for the idea I can garner.


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