moderated Re: accomodate Meetup groups?

Bob Buxton

On Fri, Nov 1, 2019 at 03:29 PM, Jerry Peek wrote:
That's true. But people who are nearby -- but not in the same city or zip code -- will have to know to search for "Beverly Hills" or "90210" in addition to their own city name and/or postal code. Otherwise they won't find the group. If could do a search that matches "near Beverly Hills" or (easier) "near 90210", it would be much more useful as a replacement for Meetup.
Yes, I realised after posting that a 'near me' search would require:
  1. A specific field in the group profile to provide the location information, parsing the description would be too unreliable
  2. Geocoding  to convert the location to coordinates
  3. Ne search functions to find groups close to users location
Nothing that is overly complicated but not trivial either

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