moderated Re: accomodate Meetup groups?

Jerry Peek <jpeek@...>

(Since I posted the original question, I see that we shouldn't post new feature requests for now. So here's a quick reply.)

That's true. But people who are nearby -- but not in the same city or zip code -- will have to know to search for "Beverly Hills" or "90210" in addition to their own city name and/or postal code. Otherwise they won't find the group. If could do a search that matches "near Beverly Hills" or (easier) "near 90210", it would be much more useful as a replacement for Meetup.

On 11/1/2019 2:53 AM, Bob Buxton wrote:
There is nothing to stop a group owner including location information and categories within the group description which is then searchable on the 'find a group page' so is any new function needed?
Just  include  "Meetup Beverly Hills, CA, 90210" along with anything else that is relevant

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