moderated accomodate Meetup groups?


I'm just joining to move a few Yahoo Groups here. I'm also a member of a lot of groups at Since Meetup may shut down if a buyer isn't found, I wonder whether might be able to pick up a lot of those groups. (Sorry if this has been discussed before. I searched but didn't find it.)

I don't know how much programming would be needed to make work a lot like Meetup... and I'm guessing that staff are swamped with the Yahoo Group migration! already does a fair amount: group home pages, a calendar, emailed announcements (including ones sent from the calendar), chats, files (for maps, etc.), hashtags, and what else? (I'm new here.) The big missing feature, I think, is the ability to search for groups by location, like (to get started) a ZIP code or postal code. To start, people who search might get a list of all groups -- and look through the list to find ones they're interested in. Eventually, categories etc. would help.

I haven't given this a lot of thought. But I thought I'd mention it. If is interested in getting the revenue (a Meetup costs the owner more than $200 USD per year), maybe it could be worked in -- even if the setup is less tailored to meetup-type groups than the one at

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