moderated Re: Yahoo Group transfer update

Hi Mark,

I’m thinking I’m ready for Step 4 but I’m REALLY confused.  I believe I’ve clicked the “green Give Go Ahead to transfer button”…at least when I manage to find it and click it again I get a response that a transfer is already underway for my .io group.  As I recall there was something about this possibly taking several days.

So I BELIEVE (but don’t know how to confirm) ercoupe-tech is in the Yahoo Groups " given the go ahead as of 2pm Pacific time today”.

In addition, one of my people is saying they can’t find Ercoupe Tech in the .io Groups.  I have no trouble finding it in the “search” box, but when I go to the “Publicly Listed Groups (starting with E) it should show between “Equinenittrates…” and “ErnieEckbergFlooring” )right?) and it doesn’t.  ???  Is this something that will correct itself when our download is complete, or ???

SINCE giving the “Go Ahead” (?) I’ve been updating the notification notices, group description, etc.  Because the process apparently “locks out” the list owner in this phase I can’t confirm whether or not the message I have laboriously personalized will eventually go out to each Yahoo member that has been downloaded to the new io. Group.  Presuming I did check this box, will the welcoming message be the one existing when I initiated the “Go ahead” or will it be the one as I have since modified it?

Thanks for all that you (and your people?) are doing in trying to timely respond to so many in process at once.




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