moderated Re: Yahoo Group transfer update


On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 6:27 PM Laurence Marks <marks@...> wrote:

Would it be faster to import groups that have already been downloaded with PG Offline? We have all messages, files, and attachments. There are around 1000 messages. 240 of the messages have around 400 attachments. We would even be willing to wait until the queue is empty, since we can continue to use PGO until Dec. 18 and it's becoming a slow season for us. We would be especially willing to wait if--once the pressure is off--you could make a temporary accomodation to allowing us to manually restore the attachments.

No, it would not be faster. The export is the easiest/fastest part; I can spin up 20-40 group exports at a time. It's the importing that's the bottleneck, and that's because I can't write to our database fast enough.

Another issue is that I'd have to reverse engineer the PG Offline file format. IIRC, they don't store things in text files, but in an embedded database. I don't know what that is, or what schema they're using. It'd take considerable development effort.

Finally, I certainly wouldn't trust Yahoo to keep Groups working until then. Right now for example it's having problems processing invites, which is slowing me down a lot.


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