moderated Re: Suggestion for Importing Groups


The experts in the forums advise against moving members separately and my active members are against that idea as I am because we want members to maintain their ownership of their data that is transferred. We consider it important that identity of owners of files and photos is transferred with the members.   Also, the group has already been exported and will have an account.automatically created for them at They like that.

We still have our old group intact at Yahoo and able to email the group at Yahoo as always. And Yahoo is still archiving our messages on the message board. We cannot upload photos and files until we are imported.

I have new members that are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the group so that they can participate. We are on hold on until transfer is complete.

The. Issue addressed by my suggestions was to speed up the process for everyone.  It is the monster groups that overload the servers. The issue is whether what I suggested CAN be done. Duane addressed that with his comment. The issue to consider is overloading the servers. Including smaller groups in the bulk imports should help solve that problem.

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