moderated Suggestion for Importing Groups



I am not a tech person, but it seems this might be a good idea to move groups faster and in a way that is more fair. Small groups are having to wait too long because of monster groups taking so.long to import.

My suggestion is to separate the queues into 3 categories small groups, medium groups (over 500 members) and large monster groups. Separate machines and staff can be dedicated to each.category. 

If possible have some of your machines dedicated  to importing just the small groups. They will moved faster and will soon be off the bucket list because of their smaller size. Then you can concentrate those freed up machines on moving the medium sized groups.

This should speed up the process. At least it would be more fair! Waiting groups to be imported is not fair because of the  extra time they are monopolizing for imports.  

Those who  have a monster group, you may not like this, but it will also move them forward in their queue. And get them closer to the finish.line.

Small active groups that are normally very active every day are hurting because we are stymied and cannot function until the transfer is complete. It matters more with smaller groups. Our membership is of a different make up, more hands on and group oriented.. The nature of the groups necessitates staying actively involved.

Thanks for considering the idea. I do not know if you can do this, but I had to ask.😄


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