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Assuming a part of the "no mail" members are bouncing without knowing it, I've decided to approach all these members by e-mail, outside of the group.

It appears that:

 - a part of these members appears to bounce. I remove these bouncing members from the group.

 - Some of these members reply: "I'd like to stay in the group and want to receive again the group mail". I change the status of these members in "single mail".

 - Most of the members are not responding at all. I'll wait two weeks and, if still no response, remove them.

I expect, by doing this, to clean up the group from 875 (partly inactive) members to at most 400 (active) members.

My Yahoo group had 1275 members, but 400 members were already bouncing in the Yahoo period and were not imported by


It takes a lot of time, but it's useful to clean up the group.


Harm Selling

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Our Yahoo group has never allowed the "No Mail" option and I always change anyone on it to "Special Notices" before I send one. I really like the setting that disallows it automatically!

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