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On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 04:25 AM, Ant No wrote:

Hello Ronaldo

I'm actually trying to get away to my new groups

but have to ask; how would
the tag system have helped me find the group I mentioned?
you would find it by doing a search for a tag that the owner/moderator put in the description.

Being able to exclude searchterms would be nice, but 20 categories of a thousand groups each
would still leave a lot of wading to do (and I expect groups.io to become significantly bigger).

BTW a tag system still would require some administration, as abusers of tags need to be dealt with

I can't favour any system that doesn't facilitate finding the obscure group
who wants like minds to find them.
I'm not sure there can be a system that does...without sacrificing your privacy to "artificial intelligence" that is

Mine was a purely pragmatic suggestion. It would work to make it easier.
That's all I want. Something that works. It's not an ideological belief. It's
an observation based on slogging through several thousand groups the hard way.
So you want to go from "not knowing whether a group exists" to "knowing in which category it should be"?

Let me give an example: suppose you have a group about lesbian cats in Papua New Guinea. Do you want
people to find it under "pets" , "LGTBIA+" or "travel-->PNG"?
Wouldn't three tags "lesbian" "cats" and "PNG" be far more efficient (as long as nobody abuses the tags)?

A science fiction author once wrote that the future needed eclectic synthesists who could connect the dots.
I'll look up what that is.

groetjes, Ronaldo

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