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Owners should be encouraged to include a Keywords section in their group descriptions. Our group has added it below the primary description (in very small font size so it is less obtrusive), but it is of course scanned by the search engine. All variations of pertinent keywords should be included: plural, singular, compound, etc.

Example- a search for any of the following terms will include our group in the results:

radio telegraph
straight key

I'd suggest that there should be a separate Keywords section in the group settings. That would prompt new group owners to compose a list of meaningful keywords and would improve the usefulness of groups search generally.

Public display of the keywords section in the group's description could be made optional but the search engine would always include them as hits in its results.

I suppose browse categories such as "Science", "Art", etc., could also be included in the keywords. I don't know that we need to have Groups.io "official" categories; I'd probably never be inclined to use them for my own group searches or group's keywords.

BTW, if you add keywords or otherwise alter your group's description the changes won't appear in the search results for a day or so.


On 10/28/19 08:50, Duane wrote:
On Sun, Oct 27, 2019 at 10:25 PM, Ant No wrote:
I have looked at the drop down menu of tags.
There is not a drop down on the Publicly Listed Group page and tags are not a site search.  The only way to find a particular group is to hope that the owner included a keyword in the description that would be somewhat limited among groups.  I searched for 'widget' and found exactly one group.  A more generic search for 'group' found over 9000.

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