locked Re: categorisation

Ant No

Hello Ronaldo

I'm actually trying to get away to my new groups but have to ask; how would the tag system have helped me find the group I mentioned? Given I didn't even know it existed and would not be looking for it specifically. But was glad to find it as it is part of my own core beliefs. Not one I would expect to find a group on.

I have looked at the drop down menu of tags. None of them looked useful to me personally. None of them attracted me or seemed interesting to pursue.

I can't favour any system that doesn't facilitate finding the obscure group who wants like minds to find them. It's hard enough being part of a minority without being hidden from each other.

Mine was a purely pragmatic suggestion. It would work to make it easier. That's all I want. Something that works. It's not an ideological belief. It's an observation based on slogging through several thousand groups the hard way over a couple of days 6320 of the most popular plus 680 new groups, serendipitously an even 7000. How things work is my major thing, most of my many other interests branch from that.

Tagging seems more like a belief you wish would work rather than one which currently does. I'm not saying it couldn't, just that after several years of unstructured organic growth it doesn't yet. Or not for me. If you know the secret please tell me.

A science fiction author once wrote that the future needed eclectic synthesists who could connect the dots. I believed him. I do my inadequate .best.

Beyond a bit tired. Sleepy now.



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