moderated Re: email privacy

Chris Jones

On Sun, Oct 27, 2019 at 02:40 PM, Ant No wrote:
The owner being threatened by cancellation admitted he didn't know how to change it.
Well Duane's post has pointed him or her in the right direction. It might be worth pointing out that Member Directory does not show subscribers' email addresses; it is Members Visible that is the critical setting.

Obviously a lot of groups have been set up from scratch in the last few days and it is thus highly likely that some settings might not be, shall we say... optimised. It is just a personal opinion but I firmly believe that Owners and Moderators have a duty to themselves and their members to take the time to familiarise themselves with all the various settings and functions available to a group so that they can better respond to any queries that arise. That familiarisation is most definitely not a half - hour task.

Getting settings "right" for any group can be made easier by an owner / moderator having a second subscription to a group as an "ordinary" member. This provides the facility of being able to see things from a member's point of view; this can be very different from what an owner or moderator sees. The only minor downside is that the second membership cannot be within the same account because a person's account is "defined" by their email address, and a second membership therefore requires a different email address, and thus a second account.

"Getting things right" is also a good reason for having a moderator elevated to Owner status, or as close to it as an owner is willing to tolerate given that the second person has to be someone in whom the owner has complete and unshakeable trust. It provides the ability to put heads together over any query that arises and as the old saying has it two heads are better than one. (As I type this GMF has 2225 heads!) It also means that the owner can be absent for a time (e.g. on holiday) without a group losing any of its management functions.


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