moderated Re: power shutdowns in Northern California this weekend

Glenn Glazer

On 10/26/2019 11:18, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
I hope you've had a dry run with your generator.
I know where you live, Just a few miles down into the gully, across the S.A.Fault line, up the hill past the quarry and down to the covered bridge intersection from my son, at the old Bible college campus.
Said son got hit last time and started his generator.  His wife is in an MBA as SCU and her UPS "didn't like" the genertor's power profile so she had to come to our house where nothing ever seems to dislike our Battery Backup Solar system from Outback Power Systems.
Never ever get a flicker on a switchover nor a computer glitch.
Between that and a Hotspot I think I'm ok for about 15 hours or so.w/o sunlight.

Bob Bellizzi

The generator does an automatic dry run every Monday at noon.  It also ran like a trooper during the previous PG&E shutoff, no problems with computers or UPSes.  It didn't help with the secondary outage that caused Xfinity to go offline, but then there was nothing I could do about that.

We can't have solar, too many trees.



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