moderated Yahoo Group transfer update


Hi All,

Here's the status of the various queues involved in the Yahoo Group transfer process:

- We've accepted all invites up through last night.
- We are exporting Yahoo Groups that were given the go ahead as of Oct 23 at 8am pacific time.
- We are importing Yahoo Groups that had completed export as of Oct 19 at 6pm pacific time.

Another way, in terms of the steps listed on the transfer page:

Your group is being exported from Yahoo right now. [Step 2 of 4]
Groups are currently waiting about 3 days in this queue.

Your group is awaiting import into There are about N groups ahead of it in the queue. [Step 3 of 4]
Once groups reach this step, they are currently waiting about 7 days in this queue.

Right now, I'm doing 20 group exports concurrently. I'm doing 4 group imports concurrently.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for how I can make this more understandable. I'll try to post this on a regular basis.


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