locked Re: about messages from non-members

Laurence Taylor

On 04/11/2014 01:03, J. Faulkner wrote:
Mark, since all groups aren’t used as discussion groups, so to speak,
I would like for you to keep something in mind. I moderate a group
that is a buying and selling group.

1) All messages submitted as ads and they are pended for approve my
the moderator. Once that message is approved and posts on the group,
from then on the discussions is between the seller and potential
buyer personally. So the potential buyer will do a reply in the
group to the seller to discuss things. Same thing if they are
sending the message through their email program. At no time, does
that conversation appear on the group again.
This sounds like the "Reply to Sender" option (as opposed to "Reply to
List"). Does Groups.Io have this facility?

2) All members are
pended for approval until that member provides specific information
to the group name_owner@yahoogroups.com. I then approve or deny that
request. No members can join by sending an email request where they
would automatically be approved as a member.
I think this was a bug in Yahoo groups whereby joining by email could
bypass the approval process. Mark, do you have the means to send a
prepared file to applicants, regardless of how they join or apply to join?

3) All photos are posted
by sellers of items they had submitted an ad for. They have to
provide required information on each photo that is done by posting
the photo, click Edit and then adding the information on the two
available lines below the photo.
I don't follow this; it sounds like you're using specific software to do
that. Can't they just send the photo with their post? (Or are the photos
stored separately from the posts?)

Thanks for all the work you have already done on this new venture.


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