moderated Option to Moderate Files and Folders


I was just in the moderation settings in my Yahoo groups and noticed an option I wish I had used before, an option to moderate photo uploads by members.  To save storage, it is best to only allow some types of photos that fit the group and do not break copyright laws.

Also, in my old group at Yahoo, I found a couple of files with incorrect lineage where DNA tests have proven there is no connection. There could be other issues with file uploads. And again, to save storage, I want to moderate file uploads before they are added to our files section.

Could we have moderating of file and photo uploads added to our group manager options, please?

Yahoo does not have the file moderation option.
This is what I see in moderation settings at Yahoo.
Control photos or messages to be scrutinized, also have a check on the new-members activities
Messages :
Moderated for new members
Enable approval before posting message to group. Choose 'Moderated for new members' if you want to enable moderation for members that join the group after this setting is enabled
Photos :
Enable approval before posting Photos to group

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