moderated Re: Change in group transfer queue sorting algorithm

Harm Selling <h.selling@...>


Thank you for correcting this problem.

Since the correction the waiting queue is not growing anymore, but shrinking, as it should do.
Slowly, but I understand importing a lot of data takes time.

I'm glad that the problem (being moved backwards in the queue) now appears to be recognized, and the end of waiting is in sight.

I'm happy again!


Harm Selling


Van: <> Namens Mark Fletcher
Verzonden: vrijdag 25 oktober 2019 1:04
Onderwerp: [beta] Change in group transfer queue sorting algorithm


Hi All, 


After some consideration, I've changed how the groups in the transfer queue are being sorted, in an effort to make things more fair.


Previously, transfer requests were sorted by when they were initially created.


Now, transfer requests are sorted by when the go ahead is given to transfer the group.


Figuring things out as I go.....




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