moderated Re: Migrate Groups to Subgroups

West Coast CompaƱeros Staff

On 10/25/19 7:15 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 6:25 AM West Coast CompaƱeros Staff <westcoastcompaneros@...> wrote:

We have accepted the invite to your group. Before we can transfer your group, you must upgrade it to the Premium Yearly option. Once you've done that, return here and you will be able to give the go ahead to transfer.

This should be fixed now.

(normally beta@ is not for bug reports, but as this feature was just discussed here, I approved the message)

Thanks very much, Mark. The plans for all the subgroups now correctly display Premium Yearly. I did originally submit this report to, but, after not getting a response (understandably given your workload), I decided to try posting this to beta so that I could get the problem in front of your eyes somehow. I apologize for the breach of protocol.

Robert R.

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