moderated Re: 2 questions about the Yahoo Group transfer


I only have two members at Yahoo with the no email option. I contacted them directly using my private email that I we used before we had a Yahoo group.

Your members set to No Email do not have a clue that your group has moved.

You must contact them to inform them. People with the NO email option set  do not get special notices.

1. Change them to individual email and send out your notice that the group is being transferred. Include the link for yiur new group home page or information about the website.

2. This is also a test for bouncing. If they bounce you can decide to remove them.  

3. If your group is currently having files copied in the transfer, step 2, the bouncing members will not be copied so you could wait until you are in step 3 or 4 of the transfer. OR you can try to contact them by private email. But they may have the group in allowed senders and your private email might not be in their allowed senders. I would wait for step 3 or 4 then change their email settings. You can change it back after you send the notice ti inform them of the move to

As owner, you have a right to disallow the no email setting.

On Friday, October 25, 2019, Juulz <julesmcn@...> wrote:
What I did was send out a Special Notice to my group telling them that the archives have been exported and no new messages will be archived at Yahoo. I warned them to save their "on-topic" posts until the move is complete... I think that should allay their concerns.

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