moderated Re: Migrate Groups to Subgroups


On Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 6:25 AM West Coast Compañeros Staff <westcoastcompaneros@...> wrote:

A couple of days ago I started the process to transfer one of the subgroups ( and was notified yesterday morning that the transfer agent had accepted the invitation to the corresponding Y!G. I promoted the transfer agent to Moderator in that group and then returned to the "Transfer from Yahoo" page, selected the subgroup from Existing Transfers, and encountered the following message.

We have accepted the invite to your group. Before we can transfer your group, you must upgrade it to the Premium Yearly option. Once you've done that, return here and you will be able to give the go ahead to transfer.

This should be fixed now.

(normally beta@ is not for bug reports, but as this feature was just discussed here, I approved the message) 

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