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West Coast Compañeros Staff

On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 05:25 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 5:18 PM Simon Hedges <simhedges@...> wrote:
Is it possible to create a single master groups, with a subgroup for each of the Yahoogroups, and the ability to migrate to a specified sub-group from each Yahoogroup group?
Yes you can do this.

A few days before the recent pricing change, I created a main group and a few subgroups for my non-profit organization. My understanding was that we could upgrade using the Yearly Premium option and migrate both the main group and the subgroups from Yahoo! Groups for the one yearly fee. I upgraded the main group ( from Premium Monthly to Yearly Premium for $110 the day before the pricing change was announced and initiated the transfer. I am paid up for this month for the Premium Monthly plan, so the payment for Premium Yearly is due to be applied to our credit card next month. Everything seems to be proceeding as expected for the main group transfer. Its current status is "awaiting transfer."

A couple of days ago I started the process to transfer one of the subgroups ( and was notified yesterday morning that the transfer agent had accepted the invitation to the corresponding Y!G. I promoted the transfer agent to Moderator in that group and then returned to the "Transfer from Yahoo" page, selected the subgroup from Existing Transfers, and encountered the following message.

We have accepted the invite to your group. Before we can transfer your group, you must upgrade it to the Premium Yearly option. Once you've done that, return here and you will be able to give the go ahead to transfer.

When I click on the link for the Premium Yearly option, the Current Plan for the subgroup is listed as Premium Monthly, even though the main group is listed as Premium Yearly. I checked all the other subgroups and they all say the same thing: Current Plan is Premium Monthly. Because of that, I am not able to move forward to give the go ahead for the subgroup transfer. My understanding was that upgrading the main group to Premium Yearly would “trickle down” to all the subgroups. It would be very difficult for my non-profit group to pay $220 to upgrade each of the other subgroups to Premium Yearly. Please advise me if there is a way to correct the status of the subgroup plans to reflect the Premium Yearly status of the main group.

Robert R.

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