moderated Photos in albums

Margo Seegrist

I noticed this before in a group I've belonged to here in but now I'm finally getting around to asking a question about it.  When I click on a photo in an album to copy it down to my computer, there are choices of download, edit, move and report.  There isn't a choice to Cancel the action of clicking on the photo.  Any chance there will be one so if we click on the photo, decide we don't want to edit it and want to back out of it we don't have to hit the back arrow on our computers or click on the Photos album to have to scroll back through all the albums to find the one we were just in (alphabetized or not).

Another thing.  Same subject.  If I click on the download, I know I right click and copy or save image as or whatever.  But after I do that, the photo just sits there with no way out of it.  There's no left hand columns with Photos to click on so the only option is the back arrow on the computer.  Any chance of putting a little "X" in the upper right corner to get us out of that photo?  Not to delete it - just to get back to the previous screen or the main album?

If there is another way and I just don't see it, please let me know.  I figured the way I was doing it was not logical so there must be a logical way that I'm missing.



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