locked Re: Digest layout



In the meantime, I've just added code will strip quoted replies within
digests. For each message that's in the digest, if there is exactly
one quoted part, and it appears at the end of the message, it will be
removed. It should help.

Makes The-Tech-Zone digest readable for a change, previously it was choked with run-on trailing quotes.

Except ...

In some of the threads the impression of some messages from the digest is very different from reality, because one doesn't know which message was being replied to when message #2060 says "you're conveying extreme, extreme examples". The antecedent for that pronoun could be completely misplaced if you read the digest - the author wasn't replying to the most recent prior message in that thread, #2057, but the much earlier #2042.

Perhaps rather than removing the entire quote, you could leave behind a snippet, similar to the snippet shown in the Messages lists. Come to that, same for the ellipsis button in the expanded Messages on the web - put a snippet before the button.

And then there's #2049, where the member posted a message forwarded from elsewhere. This was not a reply at all, and so the deletion of quote-marked material was inappropriate.

-- Shal

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