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I've approached you by direct mail.
After reading your replies I've regained my confidence and I assume that I finally won't be disappointed.


Harm Selling


Van: <> Namens Mark Fletcher
Verzonden: donderdag 24 oktober 2019 22:44
Onderwerp: Re: [beta] 2 questions about the Yahoo Group transfer


On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 12:36 PM Harm Selling <h.selling@...> wrote:

> You do know that groups can pay extra to be prioritized, don't you? I assume that is what you're seeing.

If that's the cause of the growing queue, I wonder if it's wise to offer a priority possibility in a period of an increasing number of customers and a deadline because of the upcoming closure of Yahoo Groups.


The most important thing is to get the data out of Yahoo and safely stored. That's the export part of the system. Once the data is out, it doesn't matter if Yahoo Groups is up/gone/malfunctioning/whatever. Your group has already been exported, it's just now in the queue to be loaded into What you saw this morning was a bunch of priority transfers bumping to the head of the line. I really am going as fast as I can with this.


What seems to be the case with the incoming Yahoo Groups is that they are averaging large numbers of messages, as I suppose you'd expect from long running groups. The messages take the most time to import and can't be done in parallel, because the threading algorithm expects to see messages in order, like you'd normally get in a mailing list. I could perhaps fix that, but I don't have the time right now.




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