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I totally agree with you Duane.
What some of these members do not realize the extra time and expense it is costing Mark to do them a favor by having their groups transfer automatically. He could have easily said to them - Create a group and transfer all of your files, messages, members manually. That is still an option for any group that can't pay. 
This in no way is Groups IO's fault or Mark's fault.
Last year I saw the writing on the wall at Yahoo when messages were not being sent, lots of outages, service being poor. That was when I moved my groups to IO and it was done for free. There wasn't any time frame needed to get it done.  Any one of you could have done the same thing. Many group owners moved to IO long before I did as well.
Now when Yahoo gives a date for all your information to be gone, you all are in a panic. Yes, there are groups that are on Yahoo backed by corporations and have the funds to pay. Moving everything to Groups IO would be deemed very important. I also know there are groups on Yahoo that were like mine, hobby type group. The hobby type groups can easily carry on without prior messages. Files can be added manually and members can get invites. I did that with one Yahoo group I just inherited. I transferred it over myself. 
Mark came up with a solution to help you and you all are giving him backlash.
He can just as easily tell you all, you are on your own with your migration.  

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From: Duane
Date: 10/24/2019 1:53:27 PM
Subject: Re: [beta] 2 questions about the Yahoo Group transfer
On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 01:44 PM, Harm Selling wrote:
I hope the queue will be shrink instead of grow next days.
It's my understanding that those that are paying the extra fee of $200 get put in front of those that don't find it that urgent.  Also note that the number is an estimate, not carved in stone.  I'm sure the seemingly constant glitches at Yahoo aren't helping any.  (And believe it or not, Mark does need to get some sleep now and then...)


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