moderated Re: 2 questions about the Yahoo Group transfer


I’m going to stop commenting on this since I’m
not authorized in any way to represent this platform.

That said, Harm and others, we may be over complicating this with the priority fee and expressed concerns with service.

Small organization.  Sudden, large and unexpected demands on the platforms.  So, somewhat overwhelming. Reasonable deduction, no?

True that queues normally reduce rather than increase. Unless one is trying to catch up with a chaotic situation.

I ask again that any frustrated by the “service” here compare what the service quality was at YG.  And, please, try to put oneself in Mark’s shoes before being too critical.  For those who care, there are many here who can testify to this being a wonderfully effective platform with serious competence and admirable values behind it. That’s why I’m here.  FWIW.

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